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A Trusted Chiropractic Doctor in Gillette, Wyoming

We have one of the best chiropractic doctors in Gillette, Wyoming. Gillette Chiropractic Center specializes in back adjustments and other back care services. Todd A. Hildebrand, D.C., offers outstanding chiropractic services.

Gillette Chiropractic Center

1001 S4J Road
Gillette, WY 82716
Phone: (307) 686-2327

Service with a Heart

Our patients, old and new, choose us primarily for our extensive experience and our service with a heart. We treat people more like our family than our patients. Our staff is caring and professional.

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We provide excellent chiropractic service to everyone, from infants to adults. If you have issues and concerns about our chiropractic service, call (307) 686-2327 or drop by today! We look forward to seeing you soon.